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    Upon the request of State Rep. Travis Cummings, and Senator Rob Bradley, Recovering Clay was birthed in September 2017 after the deluge of Hurricane Irma. Facing up to 1400 families displaced from their homes in Clay County, Recovering Clay was commissioned to respond to the unmet needs of those directly affected by the disaster.

    Bringing together resources from Government, non-profit and for-profit organizations, Recovering Clay operates as an extension of the 501C(3) status of Mercy Support Services, an existing, and trusted Non-Profit with aligned goals of getting the right help to the people in need in Clay County, FL.

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    The mission of Recovering Clay is to strengthen Clay County’s recovery from Hurricane Irma.  By utilizing community-wide resources that address the immediate and long-term extenuating needs of our citizens, Recovering Clay can assist in areas currently unmet by other charities for recovery.  These allocations  shall not replicate other funding sources available from federal, state or local governmental sources, which must first be exhausted before funds are determined and solutions are allocated.

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    Recovering Clay was designed to be a model relief organization, in place and responding to the immediate and long-term extenuating hardships of our citizens, currently unresolved by other charities. These acquired funds are strategically allocated for the restoration and improvement of our community and future.

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    The core values of Recovering Clay and its founding members embody the concept of local citizens taking heart of the devastation and loss in their own backyard and community, and the willingness to roll up their sleeves and do something about it, by combining the talents and resources of a diverse community.